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MS Energy Solutions Spyros Mavridis

We offer complete solutions aimed at customer satisfaction. With a range of modern tools, work with certified materials and constant training in new methods and techniques, our team is always  at your service for any problem.

Comleted Technical Analysis
Design and installation
  • Gas networks
  • Water supply system
  • Heating system
  • Construction of central sewerage networks etc.

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Solutions for all fields

Water supply piping
Bathroom renovations
√ Leak repair
√ Replacement of old water pipes
Installation of water filters
√ Installation and repair of water heaters – boilers
√ Installation of solar panels on roofs - tiled roofs
Connection with triple synergy boiler or with inertia tank (buffer).

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Construction of central sewerage networks (horizontal, vertical earthworks and internal)
Construction of rainwater networks
Construction of wells
Connection to sewage main
Installation of motor and non-return valve
√ Replacement of old sewer pipes - pipettes.

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Installation of central heating columns and autonomies
Installation of single-pipe and two-pipe heating system
Installation of underfloor heating
Gas boiler connections
Installation of heat pumps
Connection of fireplaces with central heating system
Heating assistance with solar systems
Installation - replacement of radiators
Maintenance - replacement of circulators, solenoid valves, body switches, expansion tanks and old heating pipes
Installation - replacement of chimneys
Gas fireplaces - gas units

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Mechanical study
Installation of piping
Connection to central heating system and kitchen
Industrial buildings and residences

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