Floor Heating

Floor Heating

Mounting of collectors.

The installation starts with the placement of the collectors in the distribution panels which have been placed in positions specified by the study.
Placement of perimeter tape.

We then place the perimeter tape along the inside of the exterior walls and all interior walls as well as on interior columns of heated rooms that are not adjacent to masonry. The perimeter tape serves mainly to protect the structural elements from the contraction of the heated floor.
Placement of expansion joints.

After installing the perimeter tape, the plumbers create expansion joints by installing a special joint fillet at all points that are required and which are specified by the study.
Τοποθέτηση μορφοπλάκας.

Our crew places the pieces of the morphoplast with great care, starting from the corners of the heated areas.
Pipe fitting.

For the placement of the pipe we choose a snail-shaped screed, so that next to each water inlet there is a return, which ensures a uniform floor temperature and consequently a uniform room temperature.
The lengths of the circuits have been determined during the study based on the heating needs of the spaces and limitations in relation to the maximum allowable pressure drop per meter of pipe and the maximum allowable surface temperature depending on the type of space.
We also place protection spirals at all points specified by the study. Having completed the laying of the circuits, we proceed to a detailed inspection of the entire installation with particular emphasis on the change of direction points and expansion joints.

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