Our long experience has resulted in our company to offer complete solutions and proposals for domestic and commercial heating installations with reliable and certified products of the largest factories worldwide.We offer full technical support, calculating special engineering studies in each area, determining its peculiarities and proposing the best possible solution in each case.

The most common tasks we undertake are:

Installation of Underfloor Heating

Placement of collectors. The installation starts with the placement of the collectors in the distribution panels which have been placed in positions specified by the study.
Placement of perimeter tape. We then place the perimeter tape along the inside of the exterior walls and all interior walls as well as on interior columns of heated rooms that are not adjacent to masonry. The perimeter tape serves mainly to protect the structural elements from the contraction of the heated floor.
Placement of expansion joints. After installing the perimeter tape, the plumbers create expansion joints by installing a special joint fillet at all points that are required and which are specified by the study.
Placement of the morphoplasty. Our crew places the pieces of the morphoplast with great care, starting from the corners of the heated areas.
Pipe fitting. For the placement of the pipe we choose a snail-shaped screed, so that next to each water inlet there is a return, which ensures a uniform floor temperature and consequently a uniform room temperature.
The lengths of the circuits have been determined during the study based on the heating needs of the spaces and limitations in relation to the maximum allowable pressure drop per meter of pipe and the maximum allowable surface temperature depending on the type of space.
We also place protection spirals at all points specified by the study. Having completed the laying of the circuits, we proceed to a detailed inspection of the entire installation with particular emphasis on the change of direction points and expansion joints.

Installation of Heat Pumps

The heat pump is a smart solution for every home as it is characterized by very low energy consumption. Its great advantage is its simple installation and almost zero maintenance costs. The heat pump is the most environmentally friendly choice. Ideal for apartments and commercial premises up to 120 sqm. In short, the heat pump is the most economical choice!
For detailed information about heat pumps, their capabilities and how you can benefit from their use in your own space, call us to inform you.

Heating System Installation

•    Installation of central heating columns and autonomies
•    Installation of single-pipe and two-pipe heating system
•    Installation of underfloor heating
•    Gas boiler connections
•    Installation of heat pumps
•    Connection of fireplaces with central heating system
•    Assisted heating with solar systems
•    Installation - replacement of radiator bodies
•    Maintenance - replacement of circulators, electrovalves, body switches, expansion vessels and old heating pipes
•    Gas fires - gas units
•    Placement - chimney replacement

Installation of automatic fire extinguishers

Specialized and integrated firefighting solutions, fully compatible with each other
We provide reliable solutions in the installation of fire extinguishing networks and fire extinguishing systems, according to the engineering design approved by the Fire Service, as well as the maintenance of existing fire installations and networks.
    Firefighting network
    Fire brigades
    Regulatory and control bodies
We cover the whole range of projects, such as public buildings, factories, warehouses, offices, hotels, super markets, etc. Our many years of experience in the installation and maintenance of systems, ensures their smooth operation and the immediate resolution of any problem that arises.


The technically sound and economical solutions
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