Why do sewer pipes break?
There are several reasons why a sewer pipe can break down. The more years the sewer has been in service, the more likely it is to need some repair. Below are the main reasons why pipes break down.
1. Rust in the sewer pipes
Old pipes are more likely to rust than new ones. However, it is very important to have a rusted sewer pipe replaced, for the sake of the hygiene of the home. Rust is dangerous to humans and should definitely be treated immediately by a professional plumber.
2. Clogged drainage pipes
Sewer pipes can become clogged because of the objects that pass through them every day. Hair, grease, grease, purée and other small objects can damage the pipes. The solution is to maintain and clean the home's drains before the need for drain pipe repair arises.
3. Ground vibrations
You are likely to have a problem with repairing a broken sewer pipe if there is underground work going on in neighbouring houses. Vibrations caused by various construction projects can disrupt the smooth functioning of your sewer pipes. The same is true if there are earthquakes in the area.
4. Problematic drainage construction
None of the above may be responsible for a cracked or broken sewer pipe. Sometimes, the construction of the drain, or cesspool, can be problematic.
How will you know that there is a damage and a drainage repair is needed?
There are some warning signs that indicate that there is a problem in the sewer pipes. When you spot these signs, you should call our plumber immediately for your home's sewer pipe repair.
    Dirty water in the sinks. If the water coming out of the bathroom or kitchen sinks is not absolutely clean, then there is probably a problem with the pipes. The same is true if the water in the bathtub and flush is not clean.
    Signs of mould and moisture. If you notice signs of dampness on the bathroom walls, there is likely to be a leak from the drainage pipe. If there is a leak, then you will need drain pipe repair immediately.
    Lack of water in the toilet bowl. If the water level in the toilet bowl is too low, then there is probably a problem in the drain pipe. It's a highly alarming sign that indicates you need a broken pipe repair.
    Clogged siphons after blockage. Not draining water from the siphons quickly is an indication that you need a blockage in the drainage pipes. However, if the problem continues after clogging, then the problem is probably a broken pipe.
    Unpleasant smell outside the house.If you suddenly notice that there is a strange smell outside the house, there is probably a problem with the pipe.
How is the sewer pipe repair & replacement done?
There are modern methods that help repair sewer lines without digging. These methods reduce the time needed for work and make the job easier.
Our experienced technicians first check the drain problem through a drain camera. Thanks to this, they can identify where in the pipe the break is located. Then, in some cases, they can proceed with a drain repair without digging.

The most common tasks we undertake are:

Construction of Central Sewerage Networks

•    Construction of central sewerage networks (horizontal, vertical backfilled and internal)
•    Construction of rainwater networks
•    Construction of wells
•    Connection to main sewer
•    Positioning of the motorised siphon and check valve
•    Replacement of old sewer pipes - siphons

Construction of Stormwater Networks

In sewerage installations we use 6 atm heavy duty plastic pipes and fittings or VALSIR polypropylene pipe. Pipes of this type are resistant to chemicals such as detergents, strong solutions, cleaning agents, etc., prevent clogging due to their smooth surfaces and have excellent behaviour to impact and thermal stresses. The sealing and composition of the pipes is achieved by using special elastomeric rings. Floor siphons made of polypropylene P.P. VASIR NEW with overflow and foam retention system are installed in each bathroom - WC. Inside the siphon consists of an odour trap which prevents odours, foams, bugs in the bathroom and is removable for cleaning the siphon. Inside it still has a built-in rubber which guarantees complete tightness and a perfect fit on the floor. The pipes of the siphon to the hydraulic receivers will be made of a pipe of the same material , which is not corroded by micro-organisms or chemical waste, thus excluding the blocking of drains.

Replacement of old pipes

Drainage is a very important part for the daily smooth running of the house. A great deal of sewage passes through the drainage pipes as it is removed from your home. So at some point, a problem will arise and you will need drainage pipe repair.
Repairing a broken pipe is not a job you can do without the help of a skilled plumbing professional.


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