Natural Gas

Gas installation is gaining more and more consumers than oil. As the price of oil continues to rise every year, its cost burdens households unbearably, in relation to its competitor, natural gas. The low price of gas -it  was 42% cheaper than oil in 2018- and the subsidies given, combined, provide serious reasons that lead consumers to more gas facilities installations.
At the same time, the benefits of installing gas do not stop here: You have the ability to provide heating and hot water, when you need them and with a single installation network.
The meter is placed in your space, thus obtaining the ability to measure consumption with absolute accuracy.
Contribute to the protection of the environment, as natural gas is a green form of energy, very friendly and with significantly reduced pollutants.

What we provide you

Mechanical study
Installation of piping
Connection to central heating system and kitchen
Industrial buildings and residences
In areas where there is no activated natural gas network and if there is the planned distance from a neighboring building, a gas tank (commonly known as gas) can be installed, mounted in the ground or externally-on the ground for use in heating, kitchen and hot water. It can also be done using LPG cylinders.
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