Water Supply

Our plumbing installations and work for the home and business premises cover a wide range of plumbing work.We are at your disposal to offer our services, whether it is a re-plumbing of the whole building or individual plumbing work. We undertake every project, always with a focus on quality work and meeting your needs immediately for all types of work.

The most frequent tasks we undertake are:

Water Supply System Installation

•    Water supply piping installations. In water supply, the pipes can be made of copper, polypropylene, multilayer or plastic pipes. They are suitably insulated for both hot and cold water and for outdoor use.
•    The water supply can also be provided by a hot and cold water collector system where each line will have its own water supply.

Bathroom renovation

  • Bathroom renovations
  • Replacement of old water supply pipes
  • Dismantling of old bathroom (sanitary ware, tiles, plumbing)
  • Dismantling - collection of all the cuts made during the renovation works (masonry, bathrooms, kitchens, wardrobes, aluminium, floors).
  • Cleaning and delivery of your space.

Solar Thermosyphons, Solar Systems

Solar energy is one of the main sources of energy in our country. It is a free energy source most days of the year. We can use it to produce domestic hot water or for auxiliary heating (suitable for underfloor heating or Fan Coil).

We undertake the installation of solar panels on terraces - tiled roofs or the installation of solar mirrors with a forced circulation system (circulator) and connection to a triple synergy boiler or buffer. We also undertake the maintenance of your solar system.

Plumbing Works

•    Leak detection and repair
•  Installation, maintenance and repair of sanitary ware (batteries, flushing toilets, basins, showers, bathtubs, sinks)
•    Installation and repair of water heaters - boilers
•    Installation of water filters


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