Uses and Benefits of Natural Gas


Central heating

Without substantial intervention in the apartment building, the conversion of central heating using natural gas is simple: After connecting to the central gas network and installing a meter, replace the oil burner with a gas burner.

You do not need to change the heating water pipes, radiators or anything other than the central heating installation. The oil tank is now unnecessary, as you save space while getting rid of unpleasant odors and oil residues.

Autonomous heating

By installing an individual boiler with a built-in gas burner indoors or in a semi-outdoor space, you achieve complete independence in your heating with absolute safety.

The device, which is mounted on the wall, has very small dimensions, and can, in addition to continuous and economical heating, cover your needs in hot water. The supply of natural gas to your home is done with external piping that reaches from the meter to the individual boiler.

Hot water

With Natural Gas you always have plenty of hot water, as soon as you want it, without waiting.
The water heats up at the same time as you turn on the tap and only for as long as you need it, without wasting energy. With Natural Gas you have absolute comfort and economy!


By connecting your kitchen to Natural Gas, you are sure to connect convenience and economy with your cooking.
Gas stoves do not need preheating and the speed of cooking will impress you.

Air conditioning

With a single central gas air conditioning unit you can meet the needs of cooling in summer and heating in winter. The unit is placed outdoors and supplies cooling or heating to indoor units in your premises. It is mainly offered for new facilities or spaces under renovation, mainly commercial.
It is an environmental solution that offers economy in operation.

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